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Kerlix Gauze Bandage Rolls are made of prewashed, fluff dried 100% woven gauze with unique crinkle-weave pattern for loft and bulk. Kerlix Gauze Bandage Rolls provide fast-wicking action, superior aeration, and excellent absorbency. Finished edges on the product reduce loose ends and lint. This product is available in 6 and 8 ply.
Kerlix Gauze Features and Benefits:
Prewashed, fluff-dried 100% woven gauze with unique crinkle-weave pattern: Increased loft and bulk to cushion and protect wound areas.
Six-ply construction with finished edges reduces loose ends and lint: Reduced risk of wound contamination and granulomas.
As primary dressing, open-weave design provides fast wicking action, superior aeration and excellent absorbency: Reduced risk of maceration.
As secondary dressing, provides bulk, cushioning and ultimate conformability: Improved wound site protection; Ideal for bandaging heads, limbs and difficult-to-dress wounds; i.e. burns, plastic and orthopedic wounds.
Available in a variety of sizes and packaging (tray, soft pouch, and nonsterile forms): Meets all bandaging needs.

  1.  REF. NO.
    Bulk. Non-sterile, 100rols/ctn
    Bulk. Non-sterile, 100rols/ctn
    Bulk. Non-sterile, 100rols/ctn
    4.5:X4.1yds L
    Sterile soft pouch 100rols /ctn
    3.4”X3.6yds M
    Sterile soft pouch 100rols /ctn
    2.25”X3.0yds S
    Sterile soft pouch 100rols /ctn
    Other dimensions and package can be produced as per requirements

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