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High Quality Triangular Bandages is a first aid staple that no first aid kit should be without.
Available in calico (woven) and non-woven variations Sterile or non-sterile They can be used for a wide range of purposes ranging from wound care (hand and foot cover, Scalp bandage) to providing support and elevation for injured limbs Individually wrapped for cleanliness

  1. Available in multiple gauze mesh, woven and nonwoven, SMS NON-WOVEN
  2. Available in bleached or unbleached, white or green,
  3. Available in individual package with 2 safety pins or without, sterile and non-sterile;
  4. Comply with USP, BP, EP etc







90X90X127cm, 40s 50X48,calico

Individual package, 300bag/ctn

Gauze :Unbleached, bleached,
Non-woven: white or green


96X96X135cm, 40s 50X38,calico


40”X40”X56” 30g non-sterile


40”X40”X56” 40g non-sterile


96X96X135cm sterile, calico

Other dimensions, width, length, and package can be produced as per requirements

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