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Compress Bandage is a highly effective, multi-purpose dressing for controlling large open wounds on major trauma calls. The highly absorbent, non-stick dressing is attached to an elastic gauze wrap for easy, conforming application.

  1. Looped tail for added compression and easy tie downs.
  2. The fanfold design allows the product to store compactly, while in use.
  3. Unfolds instantly into a generous 72" in length.

Product Features:

  1. Extra absorbant non-stick pad and woven or non-woven, plain or crepe bandage
  2. Provides moderate compression without constriction.
  3. Soft, non-lint & ravel-free gauze.
  4. Individually packed in sterile unitized box, cellophane, pouch or blister






7.5cmX2.7m, gauze +pad 13type

Individual packing,


10cmX2.7m, gauze +pad 14type

Individual packing,


12.5cmX2.7m, gauze+ pad 15type

Individual packing,


7.5cmX4m, ABD PAD

Individual packing,


10cmX4m, ABD PAD

Individual packing,


15cmX4m, ABD PAD

Individual packing,

Other dimensions, width, length, and package can be produced as per requirements

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